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Rabbits are queers.....


age: twenty one

religious beliefs if any: Over the years I have taken a little bit from every religion and combined them all  into something that works for me but I enjoy Buddhist philosophy a great deal. I was also training to be a pagan high priestess at one point.
location: Cleveland, Ohio although I grew up in Florida.

sexuality: Pansexual

10 favorite bands: The Misfits, The Horrorpops, the cure, VnV Nation, Dresden Dolls, corpse show creeps, a fire inside, Osaka Popstar, Sleater-kinney

10 favorite movies: I have a slight obsession with John waters films. I also enjoy the universal monster films as well as the horror Genre in general. Pink Flamingos, Female trouble, Crybaby, Gummo, Fight Club, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein, Party Monster, Rocky Horror picture show, and evil dead.


Authors: Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. brite, Anthony Burgess, James saint James, Sylvia Plath, Christopher Moore, Kurt Vonnegut and H.P lovecraft,

worst fears: I have a fear of drowning  and off the dark.

things that make you happy: Reading, Penpaling, writing in general, Hello Kitty, Horror movies, fake blood, cemeteries and  graveyards, indie films, Rocky Horror picture show, And vintage fashion.

hobbies: I enjoy penpaling a great deal. I have always thought that handwritten letters were far more personal than emails. I also collect Hello Kitty and Frankenstein stuff.

talents: I tend to spout useless facts from time to time.

A secret? I was born with cerebral palsy. It affects my muscles strength and balance so I need to hold onto things to walk. When I was younger I used to lie and say I broke my leg. It took me years to have the ability to accept myself.

drugs: My lips are sealed

habits good and bad: I bite my cheeks so the inside of my mouth is scarred. I also chew my nails and pencaps.


and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): I think my tastes in general makes me odd. Not many people can sit through a drag queen eating dog feces. Need more reasons? Look above.


i apologize

I am so so so sorry to all those who have applied and i have not been able to get back to.
I am a complete tard but do believe in this community and want to keep it going. I am not that great at keeping up to date and am not being a good co-mod at all! Please post and I'll talk with moderator if someone else wants to give a try and co-moding cause i fail. Sorry to everyone!


Hey, I'm adrienne! You can call me Adi or anything you like for that matter;)

I'm new, be nice!:)

a path through these days


=a path through these days=

The curse of a dead bird on the footstep.

Stop to stoop over the dead-life.

Horizon full of death is exploding,

See the gust of unfaith it blasts.

The corner of cruel eyes slashing through

The red sky, the breaking of soul…


The path I take to reach the calm sunset

Through the streets of dawn, noon and dusk,

The path is bleached in colorless blood of

Deadly games man plays. The sphere of gone souls

Watches as I move to a rather

Natural end, untouched by them, slowly…

4th Jan, 2008

Well yay, I was accepted! On to the application now then, yes?
age: 23 (Wish I were older)

religious beliefs if any: I'd consider myself agnostic with a strong interest in voodoo. In the words of the cowardly lion, I DO believe in spooks, I DO believe in spooks. ;)

location: West Virginia, home of the Mothman and Flatwoods Monster, as well as a horde of toothless, bearded rednecks. (The men are pretty scary, too)

sexuality: Pansexual. Though I'm not sure that's the right word, since I do lean considerably more towards girls.

10 favorite bands: Smashing Pumpkins, Spice Girls, NIN, Squirrel Nut Zippers, White Stripes, Holy Blood, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Duran Duran, Joy Electric, many more... I just picked the most random xD

10 favorite movies: Silent Hill, Spice World, Borat, The Blue Butterfly, The Fly, The Great Yokai War, Big Top Pee-Wee, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Dead Silence, Drop Dead Fred (and again, random and off the top of my head since I have trouble narrowing them all down!)

worst fears: balloons (though I think they're pretty and LOVE clowns), sudden loud noises, babies... that's about it.

things that make you happy: bugs of all kinds (especially roaches), cooking, old NickToons, clowns, mimes, big boobs, the cute girl who works at the library, pretty mushrooms, monsters, art, remembering my childhood, sushi, Velma Dinkley, LOTS more.

hobbies: collecting bugs (dead and alive) and eyeballs (plastic or in formaldehyde), watching old cartoons like AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, TMNT, The Real Ghostbusters and Bump in the Night, collecting 80's toys and music, randomly sleeping in odd places just for that feeling of waking up and not knowing where I am (not just in the kitchen, sometimes the woods or car or god-knows-where), drawing, playing guitar, writing, playing neopets, and building forts in the living room.

talents: Uhh... typing, math, spelling, drawing... and I can tell you the name of pretty much any 80's My Little Pony in the world. Kinda sad, really but there you go.

A secret? Hm... well though many people know I love bugs, not many people know I kiss my roaches and giant african millipede when I tell them goodnight. What?... To me, it's just like how other people kiss their dogs, only less drool all over my face. That's much more 'ew' to me lol!

drugs: never have taken any form of them. By choice, not because I'm afraid or a 'goody-goody'. I am just happy without them.

habits good and bad: I LOVE Rum, but I've never been drunk, so I'm not sure it counts. I chew on my hair and the insides of my mouth when nervous. I clean compulsively, and the bed always has to be made. I'm quite OCD when I'm bored, especially. But yet I can be a total slob at times. I'm not at all a germophobe and will eat stuff I dropped the floor without hesitation. Unless I know something really gross landed in that same spot recently :P

and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): Other than being an honest person (I HATE and LOATHE liars and try my best not to be one), I don't think I am all that odd. Everyone else seems to think so, and I am very interested in people who break away from the 'norm. I've been told I'm odd because I dress like a hobo, never brush my hair, am not girly in the slightest when it comes to things like shopping, giggling, talking in a mousy voice or fangirling over Johnny Depp. I love b-movie monsters and yokai far more than a normal person, and instead of the usual dogs and cats, I have rats and bugs as pets. (Around 100 of them to be exact). I often wish I were a boy, because my interests would seem less odd to people then. Oh, I also used to be a furry, up until a few years ago when it started to get to be a really, really scary community. I still draw anthro art on occasion, to make some money off commissions. Hm, what else. I have strange fetishes, which I won't go deeply into just yet. But here's one: I like to lick eyes :D

Oh what the hell. Here are some of my major fetishes... contortionism, encasement, dom/sub play, roleplaying IRL, clowns, mimes, surgical devices, latex, gas masks, rape play, biting, SOCKS (especially really long, stripey ones of which I have multitudes of), and tickle torture. And when it comes to art/porn, I get off to surreal horror porn, monsters, rape, clown girls, girls with balloons (doesn't bother me unless they're around me IRL), the dreaded tentacle porn, and gore/guro. I'm not into bloodplay IRL, or anything particularly life-threatening other than being generally rough and animalistic with what you're born with (teeth/nails.)

Anyways, enough about me. Nice to meet you all! :)


religious beliefs if any: i started as energy and will finish back in the pool.
location:baltimore, maryland 
sexuality: bisexual
10 favorite bands: clutch, primus, massive attack, van morrison, bjork, thunderheist, black flag, gang star, the fucking champs 
10 favorite movies: star wars (them all), blazing saddle, the dark crystal, the rules of attraction, the last temptation of christ, the adventures of baron von munchaussen, mirrormask, dune, the pink panther strikes again, dr. strangelove
worst fears:being eaten, being burned alive, open ocean
things that make you happy: my boys, books, roller derby, knitting, cake
hobbies: roller derby, plush making, knitting, craft in general, reading, baking, audio recording
A secret? i love the smell of leather shoes after they have been worn
drugs:not anymore, but in the past, yes. in the future, maybe, but just pot, im done with the others 
habits good and bad:  loud laughing and badly timed comments, punctual, low maintenance, spacey, understanding, way metal!
and what makes you soooo odd..a sunny disposition and lack of cynicism. allowing myself to be myself at all times and not worring about how others handle all that. not being into the cure. my jeff goldblum obsession.


this is the charm city roller girls ref squad! im in front w/ the helmet.

a friend and i on halloween

my absolute favorite photo, taken by the mondo talented defekto.

Is this better?

 age:i came out of my mother seventeen years ago.
religious beliefs if any: I do believe there is a god
location:where the cows roam Virginia
sexuality:Straight (I like penis) and Taken by Andrew Talley
10 favorite bands: I love all kinds of music-I can not just pick 10...But i love Seether
10 favorite movies:I love all kinds of movies-I can not just pick 10...My Favorite though is Rules of Attraction.
worst fears: Being Alone and unliked.
things that make you happy:My boyfriend Drugs and Writing and friends
talents: I can flip my eyelids...i'm sorry that isn't weird enough...I can hold a handstand for five minutes yet...uhh....
A secret? I love sex-All the rest of them are non of your business
drugs: I use them, i enjoy them.
habits good and bad:  I smoke Lights and Bud. I cuss like a sailor, I get mad to easly 
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): That's a fantastic question! You deside :]
I guess that's not good enough...

I will no post pictures, being that my journal is annonomous i ask that you guess respect that. please. Maybe the fact that i am very consealed is "weird"...I have OCD...My books have to be from Largest to Small in my bookbag...My T.V has to be off before i leave the house. when i cook, i can't start until the clock is on the hour. i brush my teeth for two minutes and two minutes only. I floss every day. I NEVER un-tie my shoes. I have to leave the house in the morning at 6:36. I have TOS Syndrome so i have to take medican for it...everyday to 7 pm. I will not drink out of a can or a restarant cup without a straw. 

Is that weird enough

I'm thinking about pulling myself from this community, i don't feel very welcome on the account that i am not "weird" to some peoples standers.

Thank you anyways


religious beliefs if any: I do believe there is a god
sexuality:Straight and Taken
10 favorite bands: I love all kinds of music
10 favorite movies:I love all kinds of movies
worst fears: Being Alone
things that make you happy:My boyfriend Drugs and Writing
talents: I can flip my eyelids
A secret? I love sex
drugs: I use them.
habits good and bad:  Smoke Cuss
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): That's a fantastic question! You deside :]

and last but not least post some pictures girls!!!! I'm sorry boo, i'm to lazy to put them up :/



age:15 blek
religious beliefs if any: Atheist, one time my english teacher asked if i was a confirmed atheist i was like wtf?she goes a confirmed atheist is completely atheist whereas an atheist is unsure. I was like don't you mean an agnostic? quite clearly one of those moments where you realize people need to use wikipedia more often.
location:Sydney, Australia. I would rather live in Antarctica.
sexuality: Straight. Hmmm. wtf?
10 favorite bands: The Donnas, Arctic Monkeys, Skindred, Blink 182, Paramore, Killing Heidi, The Grates,Tegan and Sara, Horrorpops, Foo Fighters.
10 favorite movies: The Breakfast Club, Girl Interrupted, Clueless, The Virgin Suicides, Cube, Wayne's World,The Butterfly Effect, Shaun of the Dead, Mean Girls, Clockwork Orange.
worst fears:Zombies and devout Christians. The later being more a phobia complete with panic attacks.
things that make you happy:Sailor Moon, My dog Buffy, staying up till 6 in the morning, my friends shanagans,being excessively loud and crazy in social/public/formal occasions.
hobbies:rock hunting, watching sailor moon, avoiding school, obsessing over my appearance lol, being just awesome.
talents:umm I can play the penny whistle...
A secret?James deleted all of jess's friends on msn because his sister gave him jess's password.
he asked me not to tell and I didn't cause I'm such a good friend.
drugs: Not on a regular basis but I have been there done that.
habits good and bad: I tap my feet rapidly when I'm excited or happy. I say I'll do things but prefer to sleep in.
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): It's 5:33am and I haven't gone to sleep yetdo I have to? Umm I guess mentally because I like to observe all the going ons around me rather than be another little drone and mundanely go along with that. Did I mention that I'm 5"2. :D

and last but not least post some pictures girls!!!!

Me at my Year 10 formal wearing my friend's jacket that came down to my knee's.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Me with my pink hair that I miss *cries whilst eating* <--Not really...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

age: almost 27
religious beliefs if any: none, seeking self-defined spirituality if there is any to be found, god speaks to me in the bathroom every morning
location: Seattle
sexuality: straight but into all types of porn
10 favorite bands: VNV Nation, Fiona Apple, Beborn Beton, Pink Floyd,
Alice N Chains, Rolling Stones, The Knife, Bjork, Depeche Mode, DeVision
10 favorite movies: 2001: A Space Odessy, Night of the Living Dead and sequels, Suicide Circle, Awakenings, Ichi The Killer, Jacob’s Ladder, Kairo, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Gleaming the Cube, Mr. Bean’s Holiday
worst fears: seagulls, public restrooms, being forced to perform exorcisms
things that make you happy: bodily function jokes, crude humor, finding a 7-11 that has pico de gallo, crude sexual humor with bf, passionate people, open mic, my guinea girls
hobbies: Nintendo DS, sleeping to dream, employment hunt L, pencil drawing portraits, hand written journal with obscene content, caturday, space_ghetto, internet porn, shock value, The Housekeeping Hamster
talents: sound mimicking, drawing, violin/cello/piano
A secret? Doing miserable lately and just want to give up..sigh
drugs: insulin and carbs, counting pills in the pharmacy
habits good and bad: clean freak (OCD trait), road rage, frequent swearing
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe):
Few *odd* mental fixations, strong clairvoyance and pre-cog experiences, been mistaken for young man few times so working on fashion sense, bushy caterpillar eyebrows, always have angry or sad countenance which people think I’m autistic or something “off”.

and last but not least post some pictures girls!!!!

Look at it!!Collapse )


ok darlings....
since there isnt many people in the community right now im gunna go ahead and do some auto accepts.

those who are auto-accepted can vote! but please keep up the pictures and posts..make it fun!

those im auto-accepting right now are...

still..if you havent fill out the app.

someone vote for me!!

I am giving you some picture love, uncut because I can!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


age: 44 but you'd never guess it
religious beliefs if any: Quantum physics is like my religion.
location: San Diego
sexuality: Bi
10 favorite bands: B52's, The Cure, The Futureheads, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, They Might Be Giants, The Faint, Interpol, The Cars, and last but never least, Led Zeppelin
10 favorite movies: Amelie, Napoleon Dynamite, Lost in Translation, Wonderman, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, A Hard Day's Night, The Song Remains the Same, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Billy Elliott
worst fears: War and injustice.
things that make you happy: Music, reading, thrift shopping, hanging out in cemetaries, dancing like a dork.
hobbies: See things that make me happy.
talents: I can make anyone like me.
A secret? My guilty pleasure is watching America's Next Top Model. But don't tell anyone!
drugs: Mostly chronic but I've been known to do whippets now and then...and rarely, E and LSD.
habits good and bad: I bite the inside of my lip till it bleeds.
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): Well, I'm 44 but I'm single and act like I'm 24. I love going to see bands and dancing like a total idiot even if no one else is. I find myself arguing about religion with complete strangers. I like to wear thrifted/glam rock/geek chic clothes, and no one else my age does. I adore boys in eyeliner and nail polish.

and last but not least post some pictures girls!!!!

i cut yoooo!Collapse )

Ze application...

age: Old enough to know better

religious beliefs if any: devout Agnostic

location: Tennessee (I consider myself a southern gentlemen with a touch of devilish)

sexuality: Straight (DON'T JUDGE ME!)

10 favorite bands: Pink Floyd, Kittie, The Molly Maguires, North American Royalty, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, Scissor Sisters, AC/DC, RadioCult, Benny Goodman

10 favorite movies: Over The Hedge, 300, Mortal Kombat, Clerks 2, Blazing Saddles, Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane, The Naked Gun series, Matrix movies, Lord of the Rings.

worst fears: Heights

things that make you happy: Beer, good Irish Whiskey, the companionship of a good woman, good food, family (when they're not being psycho)

hobbies: Role-playing (either tabletop or MMO)

talents: I can cook fairly well as long as you like spicy food

A secret? I wear women's jeans (shh don't tell anyone.)

drugs: Did some of them, liked some of them, don't do them anymore.

habits good and bad: fingernail biting and a bit OCD

and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): Hmm. I think I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.

The odd pictures. Poster cannot be held responsible for any mental damage caused by pictures.Collapse )

Stoooooooooooooopid question...

Should I fill out the application even though I'm a *gasp* DOOOOOOOD?!!!

I like oddgirls BTW. They make life much more interesting than the ordinary girls.

9th Dec, 2007

age: 28
religious beliefs if any: more spiritual then religious. i believe human existence is just one plain of existence our souls chose to experience.
location: woodbridge va
sexuality: bottom, submissive lesbian butch chaser
10 favorite bands: Grateful Dead, the indigo girls, INXS, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Bridge, 311, Erasure, They Might Be Giants, Devo, Mika
10 favorite movies: Sister Act II, Army of Darkness, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Murial's Wedding, Barbarella, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Desperate Living, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Bong Water, Blades of Glory
worst fears: Embarassing myself in public or at work
things that make you happy: music festival, being barefoot in the Mud, Hanging with my roommates
hobbies: the internet is a big one, spinning fir poi, cooking
talents: i can make hemp necklaces and i have a phone sex voice
A secret? i am an extrovert and have no secrets because i will tell you my whole life story if you ask
drugs: sure, why not?
habits good and bad: brushing my teeth, doing laundry
and what makes you soooo odd..mentally or physically(describe): I would say what makes me odd is that i am a music loving dirty vegan hippy type that rocks the ganj at night but works as a children's librarian by day. I read stories and do crafts and hook teenagers up with reference books for school projects on weekdays and hit up the s&m club on weekends.

pics of me
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket